We are a makeup of Ex-Professional & Amateur athletes, Collegiate athletes, Business Professionals and most importantly an overly passionate group of young people trying to give the opportunity of playing the sport you love at the highest possible level all whilst achieving a degree to better prepare yourself for the future.

AUS Recruit is a scholarship placement agency that represents talented student – athletes interested in obtaining sport scholarships to US universities. Our service ensures that all of our athletes are accredited for the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) The NAIA (National Athletic Intercollegiate Association) & The NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association)

Our passion is derived from having the opportunity ourselves to experience firsthand the unbelievable opportunity that exists some 13,000km’s from our shores. The feeling of walking on to your college campus for the very first time is something you will never forget. It is instilled in you forever and is an opportunity that will see you gain an education in return for you competing in the sport you have excelled at in an arena that couldn’t be surpassed anywhere in the world.