AUS Recruit has long been regarded at the forefront of College Athlete placement for Australians.

We pride ourselves on providing the very best level of service from the minute you enquire through to the day you set off to the USA.

Our track record is based on our meticulous assessment of all athletes to ensure that first and foremost they are eligible for the AUS Recruit Program and the US College System.

Unlike other recruitment services we limit our athletes to the program giving comfort in the fact that if you are accepted to our program and based on our success rate you have over a 92% chance of achieving the scholarship you deserve. Our Pre Assessment evaluates athletes based on their Athletic and Academic skill set just as a coach would, but also run your profile past our colleagues in the USA to give you the most informative and transparent evaluation available anywhere in the world.

With over 27,000 college coaches directly linked to our customised system built exclusively by directors of AUS Recruit for AUS Recruit we can ensure you that once your Pre Assessment information is lodged we will have communication from college coaches interested in you within hours.

AUS Recruit’s systems ensure every eligible athlete receives the best scholarship opportunities offers, advice and service throughout the journey and beyond.

So why choose us?

We Understand
The Recruiting Process

Our researched and pre-determined bench marks for all sectors listed above ensures only eligible athletes are accepted into the AUS Recruit program. We recognise gifted individuals and take satisfaction in the fact that we have assisted in the most important step to securing a future for these students in a US College or University to pursue their sport at a level non surpassed anywhere in the world, whilst gaining an education and life experience.

Our Services are
Compliant with Various Associations

We use a customised athlete tracking system which enables coaches to view an athlete immediately upon registration into our program. This ensures college coach contact is almost immediate with all athletes who register and accepted into our program. This customised system also allows us to alert coaches to athletes who have enquired about the opportunity by AUS Recruit before registration so coaches immediately can monitor and track the calibre of athletes coming through the International ranks which may be a perfect fit for their program.

This system was designed by the Athlete Management Directors within AUS Recruit and has been featured on numerous technology, small business and Microsoft TV shows and Information segments because of its uniqueness and performance ability and is the only one of its kind in the world.

We Are at The
Forefront of The Industry

AUS Recruits promotion of athletes is at the forefront of this industry by way of using the above technology and ensures prompt promotion, updates and feedback to all athletes. AUS Recruit have spent years integrating systems which help us achieve the very best outcome for all athletes which are accepted into our program.

We Are
Australian Based

Most Importantly – We are based in Australia for Australian’s.


See how we can help you to determine the realistic scholarship opportunities for you.